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World-class assets from leading partners & providers

Asset Providers

World-class projects and companies provide the assets on Thirdbuy.

Blockchain Protocols

We integrate leading blockchain protocols for trading and custody.

Experience the calibre of leading crypto exchanges, now with superior assets


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0.005 $PAXG (Gold)


  • Backed by 200,000+ gold bars in the London Bullion Market managed by Paxos.
  • Audited with details at
  • Redemption available through Paxos shipping.

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Trust and Security Put First

Security, safety, and trust of customers is our number one priority in our work. We work tirelessly to maintain regulatory compliance and ensure assets are safe.

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Why invest on-chain?

Global Access

Blockchain provides global and open infrastructure for finance, creating global accessibility to invest.

New Asset Classes

Now, we can bring new asset classes like real estate and private markets onto an ecosystem as powerful as what Wall Street uses.

World-Class Trading

Blockchain and the tools and protocols that have been built atop it allow for truly powerful, high-level trading.

DeFi Integrations

Native integration to the DeFi space brings unprecedented innovation to finance for the first time.

Building a new, open and global generation of investing

Accessible to anyone, anywhere, our user-friendly interface and low barriers to entry make it easy to start investing today.


Access a powerful financial ecosystem with blockchain

Experience the benefits of decentralized finance for a smarter, more secure investing.


And an ever-growing market of exceptional assets

We're always partnering with leading companies to bring you assets you love.


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